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Now usually I am adamant that I always read a book before watching the movie adaptation. I must admit I fell behind the ball with this one.

With that being said, I went in to this book thinking that I would already know pretty much what was going on from the start.. This turned out to be not true what so ever. This book was very different to the movie, so it will try to keep an impartial opinion here forward.

The book is set out so that each chapter is told from a different characters point of view instead of giving us just one narrator.

Each characters story flows in to one another’s, except for Sara (the mother) whos story takes place earlier on in the piece when she first learns that her daughter Kate has cancer, giving us a more thorough background & understanding of the story behind the family.

The main character of the book is Anna, Kate’s younger sister – a designer baby to be a donor for her sick sister – who is suing her parents for the medical rights to her own body.

This leads us to a sidebar story of her lawyer Campbell and Julie the guardian ad litem assigned to the case, who we learn had a previous relationship in their high school days.

The story is emotional from the get go, with the disease of Kate and the neglect of her siblings Anna and Jesse that begin to destruct the family.

As we get deeper in to the story you start to feel as if there may be more behind Anna’s reasoning behind her lawsuit.

The story does feel a tiny bit repetative at times as Anna has constant second thoughts about our trial. I think this was visited one to many times during the story. However, that being said, the story is somewhat broken up by the change or narrators and our climps into the story of Campbell and Julia.

All in all it was an enjoyable book and had a VERY unexpected ending, happening all in the last couple of chapters, that I definitely did not see coming. While it’s not something I would shout of the roof tops about you going out and buying, it is still definitely worth a read. (And as always, much better than the movie).

Would love to hear from you. Did you like it?…..