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Something a little bit different this time..

WOW did it take me a long time to read this book! I was really looking forward to reading this one but was pretty disapointed. I guess one of the best parts about your usual true crime books is where they convict the person who did it – knowing that the JonBenet case is still unsolved to this day I probably should have gone in with a clear mind that this would be missing.

I am usually able to read my way through just about anything, but this was a real struggle. Frustration played a big part as it was explained over and over and over…. That new evidence was being found and continually nocked back.

Even to me, a 22 year old Australian girl, reading through this book as I travel on the train to and from work every morning, it is quite obvious that the family played a part in what happened to their daughter.

While some may say this book shows a lot of bias as it is written by one of the main police officers on the case, the facts are still the facts. The book clearly shows the parents inconsistent, every changing stories, their unwillingness to co-operate with police and the fact that they had lawyers on stand-by mere hours after ‘finding’ their daughtered murdered. Would you not do anything you could think of to try and find the killer?

It details the way the crime scene was seriously mishandled from the beggining and the rediculous special treatment of the Ramseys by the DA’s department (special treatment for the wealthy anyone?).

I read an article from 2010 that I stumbled accross whilst looking for a cover photo for this post that stated new evidence had been found of an intruder that has cleared the Ramsey’s of suspicion. We are told not too far in to the book that the crime scene was so mishandled from day 1 that they stuggled to find evidence in 1996. Following this the Ramsey’s had their house stripped and re-done from top to bottom – new carpet, new paint, new furniture – the works. Now aside from this being incredibly suspicious, how on earth would they find new evidence in 2010 after all this has been done? All I can say is…. SERIOUSLY??? Who is buying this rubish?

I would be interested and open to reading further books on the JonBenet case, but this one just didn’t do anything for me.

All in all – too repetative, too frustrating and too hard to keep focus.