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I had to get stuck in to this one so that I can watch the DVD that has been sitting on my shelf for about a month now…

For some reason my mind made up its own plot to this story before I even picked up the book.. As it usually happens, this random plot that came out of nowhere was completely off the mark.

The basic story line for this book is one that you come across time and time again – will they get together, will they not get together, why can’t they see that they are madly in love with each other when it is just so obvious to us!?!?!

Emma and Dex form a friendship on their graduation day that is mix-matched right from the start. Dexter is a superficial party boy from a wealthy background. Emma on the other hand is ambitious and driven and ready to go for whatever lies ahead of her.

It’s obvious right from the start that each of the characters has fallen for the other & that being complete opposites makes them a perfect match, but they just cant seem to get it together.

The story jumps around a bit, skipping large chunks of time and I found myself having to back track to see how much time had passed between pockets of information.

You experience the frustration as we are introduced to relationships that you just know are doomed from the beginning and slight annoyance at ‘Em & Dex’ for failing at time to even keep their friendship afloat. I felt as if so much time was being wasted between the two.

There are so many almost moments that occur throughout the story and you can’t help but sit and egg the should be lovers on in your mind.

While an exhausted storyline, it is a sweet and refreshing story with a very unexpected ending. I would definitely recommend as a light-hearted, holiday type read.

Now to watch my movie…..