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I read numerous good reviews about this book but the jury is still out on this one.

The book is laid out in small somewhat disjointed chapters – each one started with a lesson.

At the beginning of the book the lessons sync up with the content of the chapter that follows. However, I found that further in to the book they didn’t seem to relate as much, but this could have just been my personal view.

In saying that, this was by no means a terrible read. It is an extremely open and honest book depicting a women’s deepest secrets and desires. We learn what she really wants from her marriage, the brutal truth about what she seeks out sexually and the measures she takes to put her life back together.

The whole middle section of the book is a deep look into her erotic fantasies how she puts them in to play in her life. If you shy away from anything too explicit, I would not recommend this as the book for you.

That is pretty much this book in a nutshell. Not one of my favorites, but an easy read if you’re looking for something to pass some time. Of course, this is just my opinion, I have heard many a mixed review. Give it a read and let us know…