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Hilarious, hilarious, hilarious!

Now, in saying that, I am a huge fan of the UK Apprentice and have previous interest in Alan Sugar. He is great value to watch on his tv show and is also very entertaining on the rare interviews that he does.

If you have never seen or heard of Alan Sugar before, I don’t recommend this book for you. The genius in it, is that it is written exactly as he speaks when you see him on tv and the like. Being able to imagine him saying the things in his book is half the beauty of it.

The book in broken down in to small chapters, each providing a different topic for one of Lord Sugar’s famous rants.

It is very amusing once he really gets set on a particular view that gets on his nerves and I had many a chuckle whilst reading and most of the time he raises some pretty valid arguments.

My personal favourite in this book, is his chapter on ‘the little fork diet’ – definitely watch out for this one.

To be honest, there is 1 or 2 chapters that when reading I found that my attention was drifting elsewhere. For example, a particular chapter on learning to captain a plane didn’t really capture much interest with me.

All in all, this was a pretty amusing book. Alan Sugar is very upfront and straight to the point, he is definitely not one to (pardon the pun) sugar coat his words. Although, as I said at first, I would not recommend picking up a copy if you didn’t have prior knowledge of Sugar. On the other hand, if you have, definitely give it a go.