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ifyouhavetocryI have to start by saying I LOVE KELLY CUTRONE! I found this book while I was searching for something else on eBay and thought why not give it a go.

I love her brutal honesty and biting wit and can’t get enough of any show she is featured in. I expected this book to be a continuation of that but I was quite surprised to find it was more auto-biography meets self-help book.

By no means however, do I mean that as a negative. The book goes in to a lot of harsh background information on Ms. Cutrone that hasn’t been watered down for reputations sake. As always she is extremely honest in writing about her past drug addiction, want to commit suicide and male companions. This is why you have to love her.

In a world of celebrities trying to keep such trivial things hidden, she comes out guns blazing with all the nitty-gritty facts.

Each chapter is dedicated to a piece of advice or wisdom that she wishes to share with the world. It’s hard to disagree with the points she puts across as they are all backed up by her own personal experiences and learning – and let’s face it, the woman has become a superstar at what she does.

While some celebrity advice books are full of drivel and self boasting, this book definitely does not read this way. It is full of interesting life stories and spiritual journeys that end in life lessons that are applicable to everyday life. It is a book inspiring people to become the best they can be and also teaching you that by believing in yourself you can become whatever your heart desires.

If you are a Kelly Cutrone fan like I am, you should definitely give this book a read. It is very interesting and delivers all the laughs that you would want and expect – my favourite lesson being “why is being a bitch considered a bad thing?”.

Even if you don’t love Kelly Cutrone already, read this and get on the bandwagon…