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So after a long WiFi crash, I am back online with a few backed up posts that I had to write down the thespacebetweenold-fashioned way.

This one was an old book of mums that I inherited in one of our book swaps. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago for a bit of light reading by the pool.

The whole book, bar the last couple of chapters, is set within a 4 week period, broken down in to daily chapters.

Our story is based around our main lady Alice, an extremely young widow & grandmother. Stuck in a rut and living in the past after her husband’s death, Alice’s life mainly revolves around babysitting her granddaughter Lily and finding subjects to interview for the newspaper she works for.

Most of her free time is taken up by her daughter Florrie, who her late-husband once dubbed the “most selfish, self-centered, self-regarding person in the world”. However, Alice manager to briefly escape her hum-drum life on her weekly lunch date with her colleague Guy. On one such lunch Guy suggests they take a boat across the water, where the sun soaking allows Alice to unwind and have thoughts she never entertained before – like why had she never noticed how attracted she was to Guy. At the end of their afternoon the two share a brief kiss, which opens the gate to a flood of events that change Alice’s life.

Shortly after Alice sets off to meet an interview subject suggested to her by Guy; cue Blue, the God-like sea diver who is unnervingly mesmerizing. After a short, stilted interview, they head to a Greek restaurant and enjoy the boarderline-awkward banter, delicious food and one too many drinks. On realising she is fairly drunk, Alice allows herself to be taken back to Blue’s hotel for a passionate evening. Don’t be fooled, the tryst ends in no great love story as Blue more or less pushes her out the door in the morning.

Starting to wonder what has gotten in to her lately, Alice starts noticing strange things everywhere. A glimpse of a woman in her apartment that turns out to be no one, some odd ramblings from her elderly father when she visits his nursing home about someone ‘coming to take him away’ and her late-husbands best friend declaring his undying love for her.

Normalities continue and Alice moves on to interview her next subject, the very wealthy entrepreneur Sir Brendan Costa. Unaware if this has been triggered by other recent events, Alice discovers yet another man that she is instantly attracted to and once again, it appears that the feeling is mutual.

Now dealing with advances from three men, Alice is struggling to keep up with her work life when she learns that her granddaughter has been kidnapped. While she rushes home to comfort Florrie, Lily is shortly returned safe. However, news that a shipwreck has been found and that Blue is missing is about to drop.

There are so many twists and turns in this book that it really wasnt the light read I thought it was going to be. I found myself having to back track at points to re-read certain sections. I found it a nice humble little book for the most part, though towards the end as everything came to a head I personally found it got a little unrealistic for a couple of chapters.

In saying that, the story has some nice messages and a happy ending. It was a book that I was not expecting to have so many bombshells hidden inside – a mother back from the dead, a husbands secret gay lover and an attempted murder… A story like that is always worth a little read time.. Let me know what you think.