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So here we are again, another book by Jodi Picoult. I have so many of these that harvestingtheheartI can’t keep track. I just love her stories.

Though they all share similarities in their layout, there are subtle differences that make them all unique. However, I think this is the best one I have read so far. It is more down to Earth in the way of showing that not every story is a fairytale.

This story is about two young, unlikely lovers Paige and Nicholas. We start out in the Prologue with Paige staking out her own home, trying to catch a glimpse of her son Max through the window. Upon Nicholas catching her, she is dismissed from the property.

After this we are taken to Part 1 of the book. A series of flashbacks, broken down chapter by chapter that alternate between Paige and Nicholas’ own views teach us intimate details of their background that they don’t even know about each other. The tragic hardships that Paige has had to deal with way too early in life and the high-classed privileges that Nicholas has always struggled with and against.

Abandoned by her mother as a small child, Paige craves love and attention from anyone she can attach herself too – her father, inappropriate friends and her first love – until, whilst  trying to run away from it all she finds a soul mate in Nicholas.

In a relationship at the time, he can’t understand what draws him so strongly to this young, waif-like girl. So unlike the people he has grown up around, she fascinates him in epic proportions. In a love story Paige can’t believe, the pair are fast-tracked to married life and an unexpected child. As she struggles with the role of stay-at-home-mum, Paige fights the urge to escape. An urge she believes has been bred in to her by her own mother. An urge she ultimately must give in to.

Part 2 of the book is the fight of her return to the life she ran away from. After finding the answers she has always searched for she is determined to write her wrongs. Nicholas on the other hand is determined to keep Paige away from their son Max. Having juggled his job and a newborn – and failed – he has had to turn to his estranged parent’s and is not willing to let Paige fit back in to their lives.

The lengths that she goes to, trying to win back the love of her husband, is heart wrenching and the battles they both face over Part 2 and 3 of the book makes for a very humbling and down to Earth tale. Whilst it would have been very easy to turn this in to yet another sappy romantic book, it instead demonstrates that not all stories end that way.

It also drives me crazy when books (and movies for that matter) have no definitive ending, although in this case I do believe the open end provides as many answers as it does unanswered questions. Let me know what you think…..