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girl-on-the-stairsIt’s been such a long time since I’ve read a thriller. I forgot how much they suck me in. I got 3/4 of the way through this book before I finished reading for the day… Half an hour later I went back to finish it, desperate to know how it ended.

The story starts when Jane, a heavily pregnant British woman, moves to Germany to live with her lesbian partner – or Lebenspartner – Petra.
Faced with a whole new country where she has very limited understanding of the language, Jane looks to finding beauty close to home in their new apartment overlooking the church and graveyard. She cannot, however, get comfortable with the derelict building that is mirroring their own newly renovated apartment block.

The whole tone of the book is dreary from the beginning. You get a feeling of cold and bleakness from even the littlest observations by Jane. They take you to a place of little sunlight, cold shivers and that dreary feeling of being cooped up inside for too long.

In all of her spare time at home while Petra is away at work, Jane becomes too aware of her next door neighbors Alban Mann and his troublesome daughter Anna. Their abusive fights are constantly heard through the thin walls of the baby-to-be’s room where Jane finds herself spending most of her time.

After seeing 13-year-old Anna’s provocative way of dressing, suspicious bruises that crop up and hearing her spit-fire way of talking, Jane begins to suspect some form of abuse on the child and believes she may be involved in prostitution.

Even After receiving warnings from Petra & her twin brother, their downstairs neighbors and even later on, the Police, to leave the family alone, she cannot help but to try to save the young girl.

After seeing Alban Mann talking to some young prostitutes, a few strange encounters with the local priest and hearing a rumor of a murdered body buried in the back-house, Jane begins to think there is much more to this than she first imagined. The only problem being that no one else believes her.

With a baby very soon to arrive and a young girls well-being on the line, Jane ignores all warnings and gets herself involved so deep in the situation that she begins to worry that it may now be her who is at risk.

I absolutely devoured this book. It was so different from anything I have been reading lately that it had me hooked within a couple of chapters.

If you’re looking for a gripping story in an out of the ordinary setting then get yourself a copy of this immediately. There are so many twists and clues hidden in this story that you really cannot guess what is coming next.

Let me know what you think…