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Happy New Year!almost-french

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post in 2 months. The holiday season is definitely not the relaxing break for me as it is for some people. As a hospitality worker it is time to work, work, work.. With some sleep thrown in there somewhere. It certainly does not allow for much down time to pick up a book.

Slowly winding down now, I’ve finally added another notch to my reading post.

Surprise, surprise, another book about France. As are my favorite, this is a true story. Sarah Turnbull tells her story of a travelling writer who drops everything and visits France to meet up with a Frenchman she has recently met.

What was intended to be a 2 week stay quickly expands in to a stay with no foreseeable end. Moving in with Frederic and looking for work as a freelance reporter she begins to set herself up in this new life in France.

Finding the women hard to get along with and hitting some language barriers, it is not the smoothest start. However some compromises to the suburb they live in and an eventual pick up in her career she slowly begins to adjust to this new Parisienne lifestyle.

The details in the stories of family, location and new experiences really draw you in to this book. The scenes are set and you are in the country side or walking through Paris alongside Ms Turnbull.

Best advice I could give for this book? Make sure you have some appropriate snacks next to you once you reach chapter 18. Based mostly around food, it will make your stomach ache with hunger – I went with blue cheese and some dark chocolate.

Let me know what you think…