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about-a-boyI must confess I never knew that the movie About A Boy came from a book. So having seen it a hundred times I really could not read this book without Hugh Grants voice in my head the whole time. As I love Hugh Grant, to me this was not a bad thing.

Despite having the characters already formed in my head and knowing the basic story plot, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book.

Even though it is touching on serious subjects like bullying and suicide, it reads in such a light and funny way that you can’t help but have a little chuckle to yourself along the way.

The book skips between the story of Will, an almost-40 man living off the royalties of his fathers hit Christmas song and Marcus, an pre-teen boy who screams social awkwardness. The two could not be more opposite. However, with each lacking what the other possesses the unlikely pair become dysfunctional friends. Much to Will’s displeasure at first.

Will – a lone soldier – who is quite happy moving from partner to partner, discovers the great convenience that are single mums. Through meeting Suzie at a single parents group he is introduced and thrown in to Marcus’ world when he drops the two of them home and discovers that Marcus’ mum has tried to commit suicide.

After Marcus attaches himself to Will, Will is torn between his new-found conscience and his desire to be rid of this odd family. However he soon realizes that he and Marcus are able to help the other better themselves.

It really is a nice little story, written very well by Mr Hornby, who gets the balance exactly right between drama and comedy. A good one to sit and read out by the pool.

Let me know what you think….