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yearoftheunexpectedThis one is a nice uplifting by-the-pool read.

The story starts with Kate a single mum, who is being thrown a victory party for beating her cancer. Her daughter and group of very close friends gathering to finally unwind after the rough experience of chemo and other treatments.

As Robin, Kate’s daughter, tells them all of the Grand Canyon rapids adventure she wants to go on this Summer, the women encourage her mother to join her.

After much refusal, Kate finally agrees to attend the trip as long as each of the other women also do something scary or hard for them.. And Kate gets to choose the deeds.

Caroline, a divorced book lover must rid her house of her ex-husbands books. Daria, an excentric left-of centre free spirit, must learn how to make bread – something she could never bond with her mother over as a child. Sara, devoted wife and mother must make a trip overseas without her family. Hadley, a young widower must tame her garden which she has hidden behind for so long. Marion, Daria’s much more sensible sister has to finally take the plunge and get the tattoo she has always wanted. Last of all Ava, Kate’s oldest friend, must return home to her friend and complete the sixty mile Breast Cancer Walk.

Each chapter is dedicated to one of the women, her background and their struggles to complete the task given to them. All driven by friendship and leaving their challenge stronger and more aware of themselves as a person.

The last chapter takes you along Kate’s journey with her daughter, their bonding and the happiness that she finally finds with her second lease on life.

An easy read, this book will be sure to bring a smile to your face. Let me know what you think…