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Mercy-USFinally the cold indoor movie-watching weather is gone. Hello Spring time! I am welcoming the poolside book-reading weather with a huge smile and open arms. How I have missed you!

Nothing like a good mystery to start of the season. These are always the stories I get through the quickest. I get obsessed with getting to the end and learning the answers.

Marian Keyes has a very easy-reading style of writing. Great flow with no need for re-reading pages or passages.

This book is set over the short period of 6 days; Thursday-Wednesday. It follows the journey of a PI case being worked on by Helen Walsh. Recently going through a spout of bad luck driven by the financial crisis she has found that the need for private investigators has started to dry up. Leaving her short on money she finds her electricity cut off and – after a startling visit from some repo men – must soon move back in to her parents home.

A previous sufferer of depression and with some attempted suicides under her belt, she begins to worry that this may be a slippery slope back in to her old ways. The brightest light in her tunnel – boyfriend Artie – not always being accessible due to the time he spends with his 3 children.

Out of the blue Helen receives a visit from ex-boyfriend Jay Parker asking her to look in to a matter for him. While being around Jay again is not ideal, the offer of multiplied pay is too hard to pass up. Former boy band Laddz are well in to rehearsals for their giant reunion gig however, Wayne Diffney has stopped showing up. House vacant and not being able to contact him, Jay and the other Laddz are at a loss. With less than a week til the first show panic is starting to gather.

Focusing her attention on the case, Helen must push out her old demons and concentrate on finding Wayne. With no obvious leads and very little information being handed over she must continue to dig to unravel this mystery. Who could have wanted Wayne out of the picture? Could abrupt and pushy Laddz member John Joseph be behind it? Perhaps a crazed ex-fan gone to far? Or did Wayne simply run away from it all and visit his family for a break?

All Helen knows is that they key lies with Gloria. Once she can identify Gloria, Wayne’s whereabouts would be uncovered..

Let me know what you thought…