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Ha ha I know, but I couldn’t help myself! Holly-Madison-Down-The-Rabbit-Hole-Cover-467

A true undercover reality tv addict, I watched every episode of Girls Next Door (and may own them on DVD). So when this book came out I had no choice but to read it.

It was really a little interesting. It certainly puts a very different spin on how things come across when watching the tv series. It breaks down all the glossy facades and speaks some ugly truths.

Madison talks about her homely beginnings of never feeling beautiful, getting her first boob job and being considered the ‘ugly’ one of the then-7-girlfriends of Hugh Hefner.

She tells her story of being continually bullied by the other mansion girls before their eventual exit and the ongoing snide comments and mental abuse from Hefner himself.

When watching the show it does seem hard to believe, seeing the ever-smiling girls seemingly having the time of their lives but after reading the book there are little clues and things she points out that if you re-watch you can’t help but deny are there.

For example, in one chapter in particular she tells of how in the episode of her and Hefs anniversary she starts crying as he reads aloud a sentimental card she has written him. To the audience it would appear she is overcome with emotion on this special day, however, she explains she simply became overwhelmed with how fake her life had become & knowing this information it is then evident in her facial expression.

She goes on to detail the circumstances of her ending her relationship and leaving the mansion and her struggles to separate her name from Playboy.

In the end it is an honest tell-all about reinventing yourself as a person and the struggles that you sometimes must go to, to find the greener pastures.

Let me know what you think….