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mollysmillionsAnother light-hearted easy read. I don’t mean that in a bad way at all, it’s perfect for laying by the pool with a nice cold drink.

The story centers around Molly Bailey. We are introduced to Molly while she struggles with paying her grocery bill, embarrassingly having to hand things back over the counter due to lack of funds. She has never been a good saver despite being raised by the penny pinching Bailey men.

After a regular customer comes in to her florist talking about sporadically buying a lottery ticket, Molly decided to borrow some money from her till and do the same. Just imagine winning the jackpot! However, she does not have to imagine for long. Faced with the reality of going from barely scraping by to millionaire, she makes a quick decision to take herself on a trip and share her good fortune with others.

Tom Mackenzie, bored and struggling journalist, is going about his daily routine when he overhears a shopkeeper on the phone. After a quick chat he learns the shopkeepers friend found $5,000 sitting in his farms honest box earlier that morning. Who would leave such a large amount of money – along with a yellow gerbera – to a stranger? This may be the big break he is looking for.

On a long chase around the country Molly, along with her new dog Fizz, tries to stay one step ahead of not only Tom Mackenzie but the clan of Bailey men who are also attempting to catch Molly and claim the money they believe is theres.

With many interesting characters for her to meet, and public interested growing by the day, she must push forward and complete her project with a bang. Is it possible for everyone to have a happy ending?

Let me know what you think…