With a lot of large pauses in between it took me the-chase
a long time to get through this book. I just
couldn’t get in to that zone where you are really
absorbed in the story.

A few pages here, a couple of chapters there and a bit of back-tracking due to forgetting what I had previously read.

It wasn’t necessarily a bad story, I just found it hard to get involved in the way it was told. I did find the writing a little dry and some parts dragged on slightly longer than they needed to.

The story revolves in most part around three characters; Jean Campbell, a young scientist struggling to make it in a mans world. Howard Carter, privileged, extremely forthcoming and also Jean’s boss and Frank Little, a underprivelaged stable hand trying to make his way to the top.

Set between 1940-1954 our characters all exist in the midst of the corrupt world of horseracing. Hearing of new job opportunities at a lab working on cleaning out horse doping Jean jumps at her chance to make a difference. Fighting all the odds, and the male candidates, Jean gets the job and starts fighting a constant up hill battle. Not only struggling in a professional capacity, she also has to struggle about her developing feelings for her new boss Howard Carter. Charming and smooth and fond of the older ladies,  Carter is very hard for anyone to pin down.

Frank Little came from the wrong side of the tracks. Living in rough conditions at the stables he works hard for few dollars and even fewer hours of sleep. Fist fights and measly meals is all in a days work for Frank. Until he finally gets a chance to ride. An un-due loyalty to his boss almost gets him in to a few scrapes, then eventually he goes too far…

Let me know what you think…