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Have you ever read a book that just makes you think ‘I wantthebrinycafe
to go there!’. This is definitely one of those books.

It has all of those elements that make you feel at home and really care about the story. A close community, heart-warming characters and locations that are as much a part of the family as any of the people.

The story resides in Cook’s Basin, a small offshore community where everybody knows each others name. At the heart of the town stands the Briny Cafe, a resident in its own right, owned and run by grumpy Bertie and his only helper Julie. A central spot where you will always see a familiar face, even if the coffee and food are rather questionable.

It is in the Briny that we meet the pillars that hold Cook’s Basin together. Sam, the straight forward but lovable guy who works on the barge and is forever saving out-of-towners from the waters. Fast Freddy, driver of the water taxi and Ettie, mother to all who is wondering if she has left it too late to start over from her un-fulfilling job as a cleaner.

Devastating news reaches the residents when they learn from Julie that Bertie’s health is on a rapid downwards spiral and is too ill to continue to run the Briny. Will it be closed down and demolished by a stranger who doesn’t know it’s importance to the locals? In an undeniable act of kindness Bertie offers Ettie the opportunity of her lifetime.

When newbie Kate moves in to town, almost everybody writes her off as another no-hoper on limited time. Everybody except for Ettie. Seeing a good heart and an immense amount of potential she quickly befriends the new girl and makes her a (questionable to others) offer. Would she like to go partners in the Briny Cafe?

With a quick refurb in desperate need and an undesirable neighbour moving in, everyone bands together to make things right. Bertie deserves to see the Briny in its full glory once more. A couple of new budding romances, a heartbreaking murder of a dog and a last-minute wedding keeps everyone on their toes.

A really nice story plus a couple of warming touches – the monthly community newsletter and some of Ettie’s very own recipes – really make you feel at home while you read it

Let me know what you think…