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“The Devil Wears Prada” was all my brain was image
thinking for the first few chapters of this book. It was annoyingly similar to the point where I was reading just for the sake of it. The slave-driver boss who everyone is afraid of, the heavier less stylish girl who unexpectedly scores the vacant assistant position… Even down to the detail of staff not getting in to the elevator with Miranda.. Or in this case, Victoria.

However, no matter how much – or little – I am enjoying a book, once I start, I finish it.

The story started to steer away from TDWP once you got a little further in which made for a more easy-going read. Jodie (an unfashionable name which her new boss quickly changes to Coco) scores her dream job working for the editor of Style UK Victoria Glossop. Whilst over demanding and blatantly rude, there is nothing that Victoria delegates that Coco can’t achieve and when Victoria bullies herself in to the Style US editor position she takes Coco along for the ride.

Dedicated to not only her job, but also making herself a size 0 glamazon, it’s not long before Coco starts climbing the fashion magazine ladder. Her fast changing looks and English wit quickly catch the attention of her exceedingly weather CEO, Jacob  Dupleix. With sexual tension through the roof it takes but one dinner date for the pair to become an item.

Cue a secret lesbian affair, a three-way battle of dirty tricks to make it as alpha female, an unexpected proposal and a dramatic suicide leap – there’s not much in the drama category that this book is missing.

An easy read but not a stand-out for me. Let me know what you think….