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It has been a long time since I read a book that I could
not put down, but this is it! Had that annoying little thing called work not gotten in the way, I would have finished it in one sitting (…. Two, max!).

My favourite category to read has always been Thrillers, I love the feeling of them keeping you on the edge & denying yourself that bit of extra sleep just so you can read a few extra pages.

Rachel is a rather sad character. Depressed, alcohol dependant and always unsure & confused. A London train commuter, she is overly observant of the occupants of the houses she passes by every day. In particular ‘Jess and Jason’ who’s seemingly happy marriage she pines for, after her own has diminished.

Until one day she sees something that shocks her..

The next day ‘Jess’ – who we discover is actually named Megan Hipwell – is reported missing and Rachel just can’t let it go. Feeling that she knows (but has drunkenly forgotten) more to the story, she struggles to piece together her memories and have people take her seriously. The truth becomes very tangled between the characters and ends with an outcome that is an explosive shock.

Told between alternating perspectives of Rachel, Megan and Anna (the new wife of Rachel’s ex-husband), the structure of the book creates even more complexity of the characters.

I won’t say any more as you should experience this great read for yourself however I will say it is a must read. Let me know what you think…