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This is definitely one of those rare stories that is so happy yet so sad  all at the same time.

Lovie Rutledge lives and breathes for the Summers spent at her beach house. Dedicated to her ‘Turtle Team’ who have helped the Loggerhead turtle nests hatch safely for countless years, she yearns for just one thing. A chance to reconcile her relationship with her daughter Cara.

Independent and longly seperate from her family, Cara is her own person. Distancing herself from her Southern routes she has formed her own career driven life in the city and never looked back. When she receives an unusual letter from her mother around the same time she is let go from her job unexpectedly, Cara makes a snap decision to pack her stuff and head to her childhood beach house.

Returning to a million memories & her strained relationship with her mother she soon notices someone else living in the house. A young girl – Toy – with a big attitude and even bigger pregnancy belly catches her off guard. Hostility flaring straight up, Cara spends the majority of her first week in bed trying to come to terms with the sudden upheaval in her life.

Soon she comes to realise that everything is not quite what it seems… Lovie is rapidly deteriorating from cancer. This will be her last Summer.

Between family feuds, a teenage pregnancy, summer romance & long lost secrets Cara must decide where her loyalties and future lies.

This is a no-brainer, light, easy read but in a great way. With the sand filled backgrounds & talk of sunburn and fresh seafood, it’s easy to get lost within the story.

Let me know what you think…