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Now before you read my thoughts about this new book, img_0055you must know that I am an EXTREME Harry Potter fan. Think mint condition book collections, Quidditch jerseys and even a Deathly Hallows tattoo.

When I heard that they had published this play, I was a little sceptical to read it. As much as I love the HP series & was sad when they ended, I’m under the belief that when it’s over it’s over. When series – or even one-offs – end so well, I think they should be left that way. Just think about how many terrible sequels are out there!

But it’s here… So I had to read it. How could I not?

In my personal opinion – and it is only an opinion because I’ve heard many different thoughts about this one – I don’t think it lent anything to the original stories. I didn’t feel that it read anything like the other books, almost even a little juvenile.

Whilst the books main characters are ones we have not experienced before, when it did jump to flashbacks and ‘familiar faces’ you didn’t really get the same sense of them as you did in books past.

Of course it was nice to get taken back in to Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic and other old spots of our favourite wizarding world. However, in future I think I will stick to re-reading the old classics to get my Harry Potter fix.

These thoughts aside, any HP fan should give this a read just for the fact that it’s there. Let me know what you thought…