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Catcher-in-the-rye-2.jpgSometimes you pick up a classic novel with the uneasy feeling that it may be a little bit of hard reading that you really need to get in to the zone for. You read them anyway though because hey, it’s a classic for a reason right? Then sometimes you get pleasantly surprised and find a gem that you love.

For me this was one of those times. I really enjoyed this story, the way it was written and how it reads. The style of writing was quite unique and unlike any other book I’ve read. It’s written in a way that reads as if the main character, Holden, is speaking directly to you. It is done in a very unpolished way, at many times he repeats himself & is calmly erratic – if there is such a thing.

Holden is a teenager who jumps from school to school as he is continuously kicked out from one after another. Not in a trouble making sense, he is quite intelligent, just not particularly interested in being there. His disinterest leads to failing grades in the majority of his subjects.

This particular story from Holden is set over only a couple of days. We start with him leaving yet another school just before the holiday break starts & taking refuge in the city so his parents don’t suspect anything is amiss.

Sneaking in to bars, trying to find some female companionship & over-thinking fills up the hours of his time. Giving us flashbacks in to his family life – learning about his brothers, the older a successful writer in Hollywood, the younger deceased from pneumonia.

Personally the story read a little sad and lonely to me but there were also strong tones of love and family. Let me know what you think….