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inkOne thing that I find after you read a lot of books is that sometimes they start to sound similar. You find patterns of mirrored story lines, familiar characters and the like. If you’re looking for something unique then this is a great novel to pick up!

Bearing that in mind, you need to throw reality out the window and accept the existence of descendants of Japanese gods and some seriously cool ‘super powers’.

The story is based around Katie Greene, who has just moved to Japan to live with her Aunt after her mother passed away. Thrown in to a new country and new school where she barely speaks the language, she struggles to accept this new life.

When she runs back in to school to get something she left behind she accidentally becomes an eavesdropper on the break up of the schools bad-boy Tomohiro. When a bunch of drawings falls at her feet, she swear she sees one move, but how could that be possible?

After more and more snarky run-ins with Tomo, Katie decides to follow him and see what he’s up to. She can’t help but notice that whenever something strange happens, he is always nearby. However what she finds – as is with most bad-boys – is that there is a different side to him than the front he puts on.

Soon after a series of unbelievable events starts to unravel; drawings flying off the page, kidnappings by the Yakuza & a shocking experience at a ‘love hotel’. With danger increasing more by the day, Katie has to decide between her heart & her safety.

Let me know what you think…