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The best thing about going on a beach vacation to Fiji (okay maybe not the best, but it’s a bonus) is that you can take a pile of books, stretch out in the sun and zone out imagefor hours on end. So why not start with a classic, easy beach read…

And easy beach read it was. Just a girly love story with your classics ups and downs, will they or won’t they’s and of course, an appearance of the completely wrong woman. Now that’s not the complaint it may sound like, it’s just that if you’re after some mystery or twists and turns, this maybe wouldn’t be the book for you.

I love a girly beach read as much as the next person, my only dislike it that you can usually work out the ending within a couple of chapters. Which I found was the case in this book.

Britt and Mia McDonagh – opposites in both looks and personality – set off on the Valentines cruise aboard the Aphrodite. There to host writing seminars after her book The Perfect Man sky-rocketed to a best seller, Britt found herself unexpectedly without an assistant to accompany her – cue her sister Mia. Given her hard, and sometimes difficult exterior, there is no one else Britt could have pictured herself being cooped up with for 2 weeks and although struggling with the thoughts of leaving behind her 3-year-old daughter, Mia feels she deserves a little adventure.

Leo Tyler can’t understand how he ended up alone in a VIP suite during a Valentines cruise –  it certainly isn’t how he imagined his honeymoon. Encouraged to go-it-alone, find some single women and “move on”, Leo isn’t immediately convinced. What kind of single women would be on a couples cruise?

Despite initial suspicions of a growing interest between Leo and Britt, it’s up-coming model Pippin Costello – tagging along with her parents – that grabs his attention in the end, much to the sisters’ surprise.

Surprisingly, the adventures of the characters continued on after the cruise ended and delved a little more in to their regular lives.

As she attempts to make decisions that are best for her daughter whilst not losing her own identity, Mia struggles to decide wether her feelings lie with Alejo – her daughters father – or with hunky cruise director Steve Shaw. Whilst Britt, deep in to her second novel, starts to wonder if she will find her Perfect Man…

Tell me what you thought…..