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Wow – this story was originality at its best. Funnily enough the last book that I said had a non-predictable storyline was also based in Japan – coincidence?Image result for butterflys shadow book

There was no love story here, no see-it-from-a-mile-away happy ending, no beaches at sunset. Not having any of these things made the story that much more real.

With the story being told from several different character perspectives, it gives you the chance to keep guessing and develop more knowledge and understanding at the same time as the characters themselves.

It is hard to say who the novels main character is, with attention being passed back and forth throughout. However the heart and soul of the story is Cho-Cho. Even when she isn’t around physically she still has a very strong presence and affect on those who know her.

Cho-Cho is introduced to us as a young and naive ‘bride-for-hire’ who lives and breaths her love for her “American Hero” husband. When he departs on his naval ship she is sure he will return to her one day soon but when he returns to Japan with an American wife Cho-Cho has a surprise of her own up her Kimono sleeve. Joey Pinkerton is the spitting-image of his father and in very mysterious circumstances he ends up leaving his mother and returning to America with his new parents.

The rest of the story is intertwined between the Pinkerton family and Cho-Cho seeking the truth and what is right. There are deaths, refugee camps, hidden secrets and war that continue to delay Joey in his search for answers. Delays however, can only hold you back for so long….

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