Hello there!

Welcome to my little page.

Basically I love to read.. Harry Potter, Jane Austen, James Patterson, fiction, non-fiction, biographies.. Throw them at me.. I’ll give anything a go.

I have always liked to suggest books to my friends and family based on what types of books they like and spread the word on greater unknown books that may otherwise fly under the radar.

Recently I just finished reading a book called The Night Circus. It was truley one of the most amazing books I have ever read, I was hooked from the first chapter, but anyone I mentioned it to had never heard of it. This, I thought, just would not do.

This (plus the mile high stack of new books sitting in my spare room) is why I decided to start my blog. Starting with my new books, then re-tracking back to old faviourites, I have decided to spread the word and put the great new books out there for people to hear about.

So I hope I can help you discover a book that you love and please if you have a suggestion, send it along!! You can never have too many books.

Ciao for now x


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